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Cathodic Protection System

Corrosion Engineering Services,water storage tanks, pipelines...

Anode rods for water heater

Water Treatment System

electrolytic systems,cooling tower power plants, offshore platforms, oil and gas production

Electro chlorination System

Electro Chlorinators

Alivalable shapes:

sheet/wire/mesh/tube/ring/strip/mesh basket

As the professional manufacturer of Titanium electrodes,advanced coated technology

to assure our products with high performance.We can make different sizes and design

the products according to the customer’s drawings.

RuO2 coated Titanium anodes are used in chlor-alkali,sewage trement,

sea water desalinization.

IrO2 Ta2O5 coated Titanium anodes widely used the protection of electrolytic cooper foil,

Al foil,organic electrolyte,cathodic protection,etc.

RuO2 coated Titanium anodes are used in caustic potash(KOH),sodium chlorate,sodium


Applications fields:

Copper recovery in etching liquid                Electrodialysis industry

MMO cathodic protection                              Sewage trement

Swimming pool disinfection                        Electrolysis of seawater

Sodium hypochlorite generator                   Chlor-alkali industry

Water heater-anticorrission                          Lonized water electrolysis

Electoroplating                                                Hydrometallurgy

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