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Aerospace and Power Generation Sectors
Titanium 6AL-4V AMS4928 & CM8928 Forged Flat Bars for Gas Turbine Blades
17-4PH AMS 5643 & MS1174 Forged Flat Bars and Round Bars for Gas Turbine Blades
Jethete M152 MS1153 Forged Flat Bars for Gas Turbine Blades
X8CrMnN18-18 Non-magnetic retaining rings for SGT-300 1000KW Turbine Generators
ERW titanium tubes Gr.2 for Steam Surface Condenser

Medical, Oil and Gas,Shipbuilding, Marine, Automobile Sectors
Titanium 3AL-2.5V ASTM B338 Seamless Tubes for Automobile Industry
ASTM F67, ASTM F136 Round Bars for Medical Instruments
13-8MO AMS 5629H Forged Slabs and Blocks for Shipbuilding
Maraging 250 / 18Ni (Non-NACE) Load Ring Forgings for MS-800 Hanger
Hastelloy G-3 ASTM B582 Forged and Milled Blocks for Oil and Gas
Titanium 6Al-4V ASTM B381 Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) Bars
Titanium Gr.12 Forgings for Ball Valve Bodys
15-5PH AMS5659 Forged and Macined Fluid Ends for Oil and Gas
Titanium 6AL-4V AMS4928 Foged Bars for Subsea
Titanium 6AL-4V / Gr.5 ASTM B338 Seamless Tubes for Subsea
Titanium TC11 α+β Forged Billets for Subsea
Inconel 718 AMS 5662 & AMS5663 Forged Bars for Oil and Gas
X-750 AMS 5667 & AMS5668 Forged Bars for Oil and Gas

Critical Process Equipments
ERW Titanium Tubes ASME SB-338 Gr.2 for Surface Condenser
Hig Nickel Alloys Seamless Tubes Hastelloy C-276, B-3, Inconel 600, 625, 825, Monel 400
Titanmium plates ASTM B265 Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.5, Gr.7, Gr.12
Titanium ASTM B381 F2,F12 Tubesheets, Flanges
Hastelloy C-276 ASTM B564 Tubesheets
Inconel 617 Big Hollow Pipes, Colled Rolled Seamless Pipes, Flanges ( Hydrogen Energy)

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