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Minimum thickness 1.0 mm
Max size Diameter 1200mm
Weight 0.2kg~500kg
Size As Per client’s drawing and requirement
Surface Roughness Ra3.0~6.0μm
Standard ASTM B367, BMS 7-336, AMS4911C

The features of Investment Casting of Titanium Alloys

High dimensional accuracy( CT6~CT7);
Lower surface roughness(Ra3.2);
Suitable for mass production of castings, 100~1000 pieces for one batch.
Suitable for producing of complex and thin walled titanium alloy castings, the
thinnest wall can be 0.8mm
The features of Graphite Cast of Titanium Alloys
The graphite is machined by numerical control machine, the grade of castings’ size

can be CT8~CT9.

The surface roughness of  castings can be Ra6.4~Ra12.5;
Suitable for small batch production of castings, 10~100 pieces per batch generally.
Suitable for producing of complex and large castings, the thinnest wall can be 2mm.

Maximum size(diameter):2600mm

Maximum weight of castings:500Kg
Thinnest wall:0.8mm for small castings,5mm for large castings
Dimensional accuracy:CT6-CT7

Surface roughness:Ra3.2-12.5 μm
Main alloy designations: ZTC4.ZTA15,ZTA7,ZTA10,3B,pure titanium and so on.

Compared to carbon steel and stainless steel,titanium alloy castings are lighter and

have higher specific strength. It also has much better corrosion resistance against

sea water and acid. When exposured in sea water for continuous 18 years, only to

find its surface color changed.

corrosion resistant pump body, valve, impeller
marine propeller
turbocharger impeller

engine compressor box
intermediate casing
hollow guide
inner ring
bearing shell and support
aircraft support

medical apparatus and instruments
Medical artificial joints and prosthetic elements
shell, bracket and cylinder of precision machinery

Titanium casting is used for harsh environments where corrosion resistance is critical. These

castings are typically specified for environments such as wet chlorine gas, hydrochloric acid,

sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, and saltwater. We are able to take your custom needs

as well as low-volume projects and produce them.
Casting Methods:
Machined graphite mold casting
Ceramic mold investment casting
Main quality indicators: Chemical composition, mechanical property, tolerance are strictly

controlled.With advanced technology & equipment, abundant experiences and skilled workers,

TNTI processes titanium material in accordance with the international standard.With own R&D,

Produce, Process and Sales system
The original Mill Test Certificate is available to attach to the delivery.
Quality Inspection:
Dimensional inspection
Visual inspection and surface appearance
Chemical analysis
Mechanical tests
Liquid penetrant testing
Magnetic particle testing
Eddy Current Testing
Ray detector
Ultrasonic Testing
Vibration detection

As a large Titanium Casting supplier, we can manufacture Titanium Casting as customized with

stable quality and reasonable price. TNTI uses the most advanced investment casting process,

processing and produce various kinds of precision casting materials. The main products have

Titanium Golf Driver, Titanium Impeller & Blisk, Titanium Motorcycle Parts, Titanium Structural

Parts, Titanium artificial Joint Parts, Aerospace titanium casting, Marine titanium casting,Titanium

alloy pump and valve and so on.


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